Yosemite's Nature's Inn Bed and Breakfast

About the Innkeeper:

The Nimon family welcomes to you to Yosemite's Nature's Inn Bed and Breakfast. We look forward to helping make your stay extra special. We hope you find it as breathtaking as we did when we first saw it with its contemporary rustic, hand-crafted, timber lodge.

Your Innkeeper, Sherilee Nimon, pronounced Sherry - lee, manages all the aspects of the Bed and Breakfast. With her love of the mountains, outdoors, Yosemite, and National Parks, Sherilee has found her calling here at Yosemite's Nature's Inn. Breakfast has always been Sherilee's favorite meal of the day, and she hopes you notice when you dine at the Inn. She takes to the time to make most of the food from scratch, with local ingredients and produce.

Having grown up in Fresno, CA just 1.5 hours from Yosemite, Sherilee has spent countless days in the park, showing family and friends around, taking a tour, camping, and hiking many miles in and around Yosemite every year. She can assist you in making personalized itineraries including tours, hikes, and general exploration in and around the Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. Short on time, or have a few extra days? The innkeeper can help you plan an itinerary for your specific visit.

Though Sherilee manages the facilities, you are very likely to see the rest of the Nimon family, Mike, Kathy, or Brandon, around on any given day. Their help in this Bed and Breakfast is invaluable and their continued efforts can be seen all year round.

Family Photo

Ask Sherilee about the time she ate breakfast with a bear in Curry Village.
Ask Mike and Sherilee about their backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne, to the top of Yosemite Falls, or conquering Half Dome.
Ask Kathy what she uses to attract the bears, the answer could vary from Chocolate Chip cookies to a dog.
Ask Brandon and Sherilee about the best photography locations in Yosemite.
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